7 TEDx Talks for Earth Day

From the TED-Ed lesson, "Climate change: Earth's giant game of Tetris - Joss Fong "

From the TED-Ed lesson, “Climate change: Earth’s giant game of Tetris” by Joss Fong

In celebration of the 46th annual Earth Day and the signing of the Paris Agreement this morning, seven TEDx talks all about showing our planet some well-deserved love and attention:

Treecycle America: Certified Urban Forestry | Damon Barron | TEDxCharlotte
In response to the growing tree waste problem in Charlotte, North Carolina, Barron created Treecycle America, a collaborative network of architects, designers, and artisans with the common goals of reducing wasted wood and utilizing a tree to its full potential. Using a revolutionary Tree ID tracking system, Barron and his team have the ability to follow a tree’s journey from the landfill to its transformation into a restaurant table or park bench.

Hong Kong: Welcome to the Jungle | Laurel Chor | TEDxWanChaiWomen
“We will only conserve, love and understand what we explore.” Laurel Chor is convinced that Hong Kong’s relationship with nature is broken and is committed to spreading the word about the city’s wild side. In this talk, Chor describes Hong Kong’s astonishing biodiversity and invites her audience to get outside, have an adventure and help protect the city’s undeveloped natural wonders.

The Future and Fungi | Ben Sharp | TEDxPerth
Can fungus save the world? Entrepreneur and fungi enthusiast Ben Sharp thinks so. Learn about the fascinating ways fungi is being used to mop up oil spills, build and grow eco-friendly structures and potentially manufacture powerful drugs “as simply as brewing beer.”

The World’s Largest Freshwater Fish | Zeb Hogan | TEDxUniversityofNevada
Today, biodiversity loss is greater in lakes and rivers than in our oceans and on land, says Dr. Zeb Hogan at TEDxUniversityofNevada. Hogan has studied freshwater ecosystems for two decades and is on a mission to document the world’s largest and most endangered fish. Explore the world of these mysterious “megafish” and discover why the preservation of these freshwater giants is important culturally and for the health of rivers and humans.

Our Coral Connection | Andrea Grottoli | TEDxOhioStateUniversity
By the end of this century, 60% of our coral reefs will be lost due to ocean acidification and bleaching, says biochemist Andrea Grottoli. Through the voice of “Cora” the coral, Grottoli takes us through how the destructive bleaching process for corals begins and gives insight into the troubled relationship between coral and algae. In her talk, Grottoli provides small, effective ways that we can reduce carbon emissions in our daily lives and become better stewards of the planet.

Rethinking Climate Change | Paul Deane | TEDxClonakilty
“Telling people we need to change the planet isn’t working,” says energy systems researcher Paul Deane. At TEDxClonakilty, Deane explains that while the messaging around climate change can feel boring, negative, and hopeless, it doesn’t have to be, and he argues that now is time to reframe the way we tell the story of climate change, so that people are energized to help.

There is nothing natural about disaster | Rohini Swaminathan | TEDxPlaceDesNations
The number of natural disasters has doubled in the past two decades and the need for fast information in emergency situations is crucial. In this elegant talk, geomatician Rohini Swaminathan introduces a more efficient way to inform populations of natural hazards through advanced satellite mapping. With educational programs and technology, Swaminathan is bringing life-saving data to the areas of the planet that need it the most.

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