Three TEDx talks for the weekend: Sex myths, Japanese cloth and turbulence

Furoshiki detail (photo: Eric Golub)

Furoshiki detail (Photo: Eric Golub)

If your only plans this weekend are to binge on Netflix, why not take a 40-minute break and check out the talks below? (You don’t even have to binge them!) You can learn some cool eco-friendly fabric-folding skills, get schooled on some sex myths and learn to love (or at least appreciate) turbulence:

Mythbusters: Gender and Sexuality Edition | Terri Conley | TEDxUofM
Terry Conley believes you shouldn’t feel guilty about feeling good about sex. In this entertaining talk, the social psychologist and sex researcher dissects three myths about sex and the incorrect messages they convey to society.

How Japanese Culture Helps Chattanooga Be Environmentally Friendly | Asami Nakano | TEDxChattanooga
Furoshiki are traditional Japanese cloths used to wrap and transport items from one place to another. In this short talk, Asami Nakano demonstrates how to integrate furoshiki into everyday life and introduces her campaign promoting the use of cloths in place of plastic bags.

Turbulence: Finding Order in Chaos | Neil Ashton | TEDxOxford
Turbulence isn’t just for planes. In his talk from TEDxOxford, Dr. Neil Ashton shows us the many ways turbulence shapes the world around us and how a better understanding of this chaotic flow can improve designs for planes, cars and medicine.

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