The need for help when raising a child

Alice Morell at TEDxStKilda

Alice Morell at TEDxStKilda

Motherhood is a popular topic at TEDx events, one that touches on a number of issues. In response to that, we have a curated list of talks titled “Mum’s the world” on our YouTube channel that cover the case of paid maternity leave to how being a parent can be helpful in the workplace. Below is a talk about how raising children has shifted away from a group responsibility to an isolated one.

It takes a village to raise a child – street gangs and motherhood | Alice Morell | TEDxStKilda

Before becoming a mother, Alice Morell was a director in an investment firm. But once she had her baby, she said she was lonely, longing for adult interaction. She felt as if her weaknesses were exploited and felt frustrated and silent because society expected her to enjoy everything about being a mother.
Morell feels mothers “are still an underrepresented voice and my calling is to bring some power to that voice.” As a result, she started Street Gangs, a community building initiative for mothers and their families.
“Whilst a cross section of people are fondly acknowledging that motherhood might be the toughest job on the planet, it’s a job that is rarely performed in a team or in a village,” she says. “Mothers had operated in teams from the very beginning of time to only about 100 years ago when money and individualism triumphed over family and society; as a result today’s mothers are arguably are at their most sad, alone and unsupported.”
Morell feels the gangs, whose “rules” are determined by each individual group, provide supportive relationships that include the sharing of toys, clothes, meals, and child-care.
“Mothering can sometimes feel like it’s hard to fit into this world because it operates in a world slightly outside the main world; but street gangs bring moms together to design a world that suits them, where they can take charge and thrive,” she says.

Watch her talk below:

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