Stuck in a TSA line? Some talks to watch while you wait

Con Bro Chill at TEDxPortland (Photo: TEDxPortland)

Con Bro Chill at TEDxPortland (Photo: TEDxPortland)

Are you in a very long airport security line? Rather than hate the wait, fill your time with some fun and interesting TEDx Talks. Watch them all below:

Stunning photos of the endangered Everglades | Mac Stone | TEDxUF
Chill out and let the calm wash over you as you watch this talk from TEDxUF. Mac Stone is a photographer dedicated to capturing the beauty of Florida’s Everglades. This unique landscape of flora and fauna — including amazing snail-eating birds of prey — is in danger, he says, and he hopes his photos will inspire you to love the Everglades like he does.

How dogs love us | Dr. Gregory Berns | TEDxAtlanta
Still in line? Time for dogs!!! In this fun talk from TEDxAtlanta, Dr. Gregory Berns shares his research into what goes on in the canine brain.

Why I Don’t Use A Smart Phone | Ann Makosinski | TEDxTeen
You may be reading this on a smart phone right now. At TEDxTeen, 18-year-old inventor Ann Makosinski shares why you should take a break from your beloved device when you get to wherever you’re going on this trip.

This Eager Violence of the Heart — America’s Football Obsession | Steve Almond | TEDxPiscataquaRiver
Like sports or just want to know why Americans love football? At TEDxPiscataquaRiver, journalist and (reluctant) football fan Steve Almond explores the ins-and-outs of American football — the history, the fandom, the drama and the danger of the game.

LOVE LIFE | Con Bro Chill | TEDxPortland
If you’re still in line, it might be time for what Con Bro Chill is doling out: a wacky, neon-infused party-rock stage show full of keytar, hand claps and spandex. The Portland-based “musical-visual-entertainal platform” brought their show to TEDxPortland to get the audience dancing. Maybe don’t dance in line, though.

Bon voyage!

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