What if malaria could be diagnosed through smell?


Audrey Odom @TEDxKC (Photo: Don Ipock)

Ease into your non-holiday weekend with 2 talks in under 20 minutes that will ignite your sense of compassion … and smell.

Fighting drug resistant infections with your breath | Audrey Odom | TEDxKC

What if you could smell strep throat or even malaria? Audrey Odom thinks we can. In her lab, Odom has discovered the vaporous compounds present on the breath of children with malaria. Through developing and commercializing smelling sensors to sniff out infection, Odom believes we can preserve antibiotics and save millions of lives.

The Stranger: Human Nature and the Other | Laith Saud | TEDxDePaulUniversity

In this humorous talk, Laith Saud addresses fear, compassion and the misconceptions facing the Muslim-American community today, and how we can gracefully reach others to change hearts and minds.

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