Swiss say no to universal basic income, but would it have worked, anyway?

Journalist  Rutger Bregman at TEDxMaastricht (Photo: TEDxMaastricht)

Journalist Rutger Bregman at TEDxMaastricht (Photo: TEDxMaastricht)

Sunday, Swiss voters decided against a proposal to grant every citizen a basic income of (a suggested) 2,500 Swiss francs per month. The idea of a universal basic income (UBI) is a controversial one, but one that has been gaining steam recently, with an organization in the U.S. raising millions to provide basic income in Kenya; and Dutch and Finnish governments proposing basic income programs of their own.

At TEDxMaastricht, an event in one of the Dutch cities considering universal basic income, journalist Rutger Bregman gave a rapid-fire introduction to the topic — covering its history, proponents, objectors and more.

To learn more about UBI and visions for its possible future implementation, watch Bregman’s talk below:

More talks on basic income across the world:

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  1. Oscar Maloney

    This is a very simplistic view of this possibility and it’s consequences. First of all some of this information is presented in way that sounds good, like “less violence ” for example. It not like that! Really not. Your theory is just it… try to focus on the reality, you might re-think some of this concepts.
    And by the way… Oscar Wild would never agree with this. Hahhaha

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