Watch every episode of The Great British Baking Show? We’ve got you covered with these TEDx Talks about baking


Do you miss your Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood? Your proving drawers and sourdough starters? Fill the void with these three talks on baking from TEDx events around the world:

One hundred loaves of bread for sight-restoring eye surgery | Andrew Bastawrous | TEDxThessaloniki
When funds for their eye health clinics started getting low, Drs. Andrew and Madeleine Bastawrous decided they needed to find a sustainable way to keep the clinics going — even without them around. Madeline’s homemade breads and baked goods had become a hit with patients and medical workers alike, so the pair decided they’d do something a little out of the ordinary for two doctors — open up a bakery, whose profits go to paying for sight-restoring operations.

Cakes, innovation, and making awesome stuff without knowing how | Duff Goldman | TEDxUCLA
At TEDxUCLA, pastry chef Duff Goldman — the star of Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes” — talks about his nontraditional take on cake decorating and how it makes for great cakes.

A visual history of 100 years of wheat research in Australia | Eleanor Gates-Stuart | TEDxCanberra
At TEDxCanberra,¬†artist Eleanor Gates-Stuart explains how she turned wheat into an art project, using everything from the field notebooks of plant breeder William Farrer — who created strains of drought- and rust-resistant wheat — to CT scans of the wheat weevil as fodder for her giant installations.

3D printing dessert | Liz and Kyle von Hasseln | TEDxManhattanBeach
Liz and Kyle von Hasseln 3D print cake toppers out of sugar. At TEDxManhattanBeach, they explain the process behind their beautiful, intricate frosting sculptures, and share some of the cool things you can do with a little sugar, water and a 3D printer.

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