3 TEDx Talks on the power of never giving up

Alex Owumi @TEDxBrixton

Alex Owumi at TEDxBrixton (Photo: TEDxBrixton)

When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship last night, they ended a more than half-century drought of a major sports title in the Northeast Ohio city. To mark the achievement, below are 3 TEDx talks about perseverance, belief and never giving up.

To Be Determined: Myrlie Evers-Williams at TEDxBend

Evers-Williams says changing is difficult to do, but it is worth it. An African-American civil rights leader who became the first female and first full-time chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, speaks during a TEDxBend talk about the importance of reaching your highest goal. As a child, she says her grandmother said to her, “You are here for a purpose; don’t forget that purpose.”

Although she didn’t fully understand what her grandmother meant at the time, she came to realize that her grandmother was asking her to challenge things she believed were worth challenging.

We’re all in this together, she says, regardless of race, gender, age or geography. How can we expect things to get better if we don’t help one another? She cites a quote that was once said to her about the need for using your voice to make change: “Do not limit yourself to the stars; reach for the moon and anything else that might be up there because you can get it. You can do it.”

The Science of Snowboarding: A Fembot Perspective | Nicole Roundy | TEDxSaltLakeCity
As a child, Nicole Roundy was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, a rare form of bone caner that ultimately took her right leg above the knee. In 2002, while watching the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Roundy fell in love with snowboarding. Although there had been remarkable advancements in prosthetic technology, Roundy says because of the complexity of the knee, there weren’t a lot of options for prosthetics that would work for the rigors of snowboarding.

“In my mind, finding a way to snowboard represented freedom from a life of physical limits,” she says at TEDxSaltLakeCity. “In the mechanical world, there is a fine line between stability and motion: to achieve one you must give up some of the other … Finding a good balance is a very real and constant process in my life … I look at a situation and I instantly analyze how I can make it work.”

How I nearly died playing basketball for Gaddafi | Alex Owumi | TEDxBrixton
In December of 2010, Alex Owumi signed a contract to play professional basketball in Benghazi, Libya for a team owned by Muammar Qaddafi. Shortly after, Owumi was witness to horrific events and was trapped in Libya, afraid for his life. In this TEDxBrixton talk, Owumi speaks of his love for basketball and about the harrowing journey he took to escape war-torn Libya.

Through the help of strangers during the Arab Spring, Owumi’s life was changed. “I got a newfound education on life,” he says. “It wasn’t about basketball anymore  …it was about two different worlds coming together.”

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