Celebrate International Chess Day with these three TEDx talks

TEDxPenn 2013

TEDxPenn 2013

Today is International Chess Day. If you play chess, this might be an important day for you. If you don’t play and prefer something else (say checkers), you can still enjoy some great TEDx talks that speak about gender roles in chess, how chess can revolutionize learning and how it can help prepare children to navigate through life.

How Chess Can Revolutionize Learning: Cody Pomeranz at TEDxYale

During a TEDxYale talk, Cody Pomeranz speaks about the myth that only smart people play chess. In fact, Pomeranz says that chess makes you smart. “It imbues you with values and skills you’ll use for the rest of your life both in and outside the classroom,” he says. Test scores in math, problem solving, critical reading and spatial reasoning all improve when one plays chess.

Chess and community: the power of a single hour | Lemuel LaRoche | TEDxUGA

Lemuel LaRoche is the founder of Chess and Community, Inc. a nonprofit youth empowerment organizing “dedicated to developing strategic leadership skills in young people.” During a TEDxUGA talk, LaRoche speaks to the power of chess as a learning tool. “Our aim is to help young people break their negative programming. We use chess to expand their world view on how systems work and we equip them with the skills to think three, four and five moves ahead, rather than reacting and responding to the next move.”

Crushing The Glass Ceiling | Susan Polgar | TEDx GatewayArch

Susan Polgar talks about growing up in Budapest, Hungary and as a four year old girl, having her father teach her chess. Men didn’t want to play against her and certainly didn’t want to lose to her, “but I got them used to it,” she says during her talk. She discusses the difficulties she faced trying to play in a male dominated world.

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