Eat crickets, not added sugar: 3 TEDx talks that explore our relationship with food

Megan Miller @TEDxManhattan

Megan Miller @TEDxManhattan

Are you a junk food addict? July 21 is National Junk Food Day and to “celebrate” we have three TEDx talks that get to the heart of our relationship with food. They discuss the importance of knowing what the food that you eat, eats; the danger of eating too much sugar; and how cricket flour is good for you and also good for the environment. Put down that Big Mac and watch these talks instead.

Can Superman End Diabetes? | Jonathan Bailor | TEDxTU

During a TEDxTU talk, Jonathan Bailor discusses his grandfather’s losing battle with diabetes and how that loss inspired Bailor’s passion for trying to stop the disease that affects a quarter of Americans. ”Is it reasonable for us to start asking ‘is added sugar the new smoking?’” he says. “Because if it is, what would we do differently?”

What has your food been eating? Laurent Adamowicz at TEDxBeaconStreet

During a TEDxBeaconStreet talk, Laurent Adamowicz, a successful restaurant critic and former food industry executive, talks about the need to understand everything about our food. “If you are what you eat, you also what your food as been eating,” he says.

Are insects the future of food? | Megan Miller | TEDxManhattan

Any chance you have a craving for cricket flour muffins? Entrepreneur Megan Miller might. During her TEDxManhattan talk, Miller speaks about the nutritional and environmental benefits cooking with insects provide. “When I think of crickets, I think of the future of food,” she says.

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