5 great TEDx talks on coffee for you to “pour over”



Do you drink coffee? According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 64 percent of adults in the United States drink at least one cup of coffee daily. In global terms, 9,132,060 kilograms of coffee were consumed in 2015. Coffee has become such an integral piece of modern society that we seldom stop to ponder its existence. What is coffee? Where does it come from? How long does it take to go from bean to flat-white-soy-hazelnut-nonfat latte? Sit down with a cup of Joe and watch these talks to find out.

Coffee crazy | Robert Galinsky | TEDxFultonStreet

Perhaps in addition to that caffeine fix you are in need of some music to liven up your day? Look no further than Robert Galinsky’s talk at TEDxFultonStreet, where we get a sneak preview of, “Coffee: The Musical.” Why turn such a commonplace drink into a grand piece of musical theater? Maybe because it’s not just a drink. As put by Galinsky, “coffee has fashion, passion, and wonder.”

The lost world of the London coffeehouse | Dr Matthew Green | TEDxEastEnd

Immerse yourself in the smoke-filled coffeehouses of 17th century London with Dr. Matthew Green’s TEDxEastEnd talk. “We can’t remind ourselves enough about the importance of face-to-face interactions in an increasingly virtual world,” he says. Green depicts a vibrant world of conversation, debate, and gossip, lamenting the overwhelmingly solitary state of today’s café patron.

The culinary art of coffee | David Schomer | TEDxRainier

David Schomer is a coffee connoisseur — part artist, part metrologist (a precision measurement specialist).  In his talk at TEDxRainier, Schomer considers the exact science of making the perfect espresso in terms that will delight the truly detail-oriented person.  Each batch of roasted coffee beans contains hundreds of aromatic compounds and, according to Schomer, “These delicate fragrances are so fragile that they defy scientific classification because the act of measuring them destroys them.”

How a cup of coffee can affect the world water crisis: Amyie Kao at TEDxOU

Amy Kao is a longtime social justice worker and the cofounder of Mariposa Coffee, an artisanal coffee micro-roastery. In her talk at TEDxOU, Kao calls our attention to the plight of many farmers who help produce the beverage for which we demonstrate an insatiable desire. It is a cruel irony that while we oftentimes use coffee as a primary hydration source (a bad idea in itself), “there is an overlap in areas where coffee is grown and areas of economic water scarcity.”

The Future of Coffee: Craft, Technology, and Sustainability: Jim Townley at TEDxVictoria 2013

Jim Townley is a seasoned coffee roaster and entrepreneur who has spent the last chapter of his life devoted to one task: making the process of roasting coffee more energy efficient. And to hear him talk about it, you might agree that he has succeeded. At TEDxVictoria, Townley gives us an optimistic refrain — “Freshly roasted coffee does not have to come at the expense of our environment.”

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