Go back to school with 3 TEDx Talks from a teacher, parent and student

 Kandice Sumner @TEDxBeaconStreet

Kandice Sumner @TEDxBeaconStreet

Around this time of year, your Facebook timeline might be flooded with photographs of students returning to school (it’s a safe bet the parents’ smiles overshadow those of their kids). To help ease the transition from vacation to homework, below are three TEDx Talks on the school experience from a teacher, a parent and a student.

Survivor’s Remorse | Kandice Sumner | TEDxBeaconStreet

Although Kandice Sumner’s parents were professionals with a college education, the neighborhood in which she grew up lacked wealth. But, as part of a program that bused inner city children into a wealthier suburban education system, Sumner was provided an education her neighborhood friends lacked.

“All of my neighborhood friends were experiencing an educational train wreck that I was saved from through a bus ride,” she says during her TEDxBeaconStreet talk.

Today, she’s a teacher in the school district in which she grew up but never participated. She says the lack of resources her students face today is as as unjust as it has ever been; and light years from the education she received an hour’s drive away. Most of this, she says, has to do with the ways in which we have failed black and brown children in the United States.

“If we really as a country believe that education is the great equalizer, than it should be just that: equal and equitable,” she says.”Until then there’s no democracy in our democratic education.”

Generation Stress: From Surviving to Thriving | Kristen Race | TEDxMileHigh

“The compound effects of life’s little annoyances add up and can be as detrimental as true PTSD,” Kristen Race says during her TEDxMileHigh talk. She adds that Generation X is the most stressed out generation in the United States, renaming it “Generation Stress.”

But how do we deal with life’s constant stresses and maintain a levelheaded approach to life? Race recommends simple acts of gratitude and kindness as a way of trying to navigate through overwhelming schedules and demands. “Short and simple practices can be more effective than drastic changes,” she says. “It is the simple practices that lead to the most significant and sustainable changes.”

Math Is Everywhere | Jim Patrick | TEDxKids@ElCajon

Jim is six and in the first grade and says he “likes to play with legos and he likes math.” In this charming talk at TEDxKids@ElCajon, Jim says he taught himself math as a toddler and feels we need to embrace math because “it’s everywhere.”

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