5 TEDx Talks on radical changes in the workplace

Nic Marks @TEDxDanubia  photo: Uránia Filmszínház

Nic Marks @TEDxDanubia photo: Uránia Filmszínház

Over the past decade, we’ve seen some colossal changes in the way we work: from technological advancements to the customization of the employee experience. The five TEDx Talks below address some of today’s relevant issues including maternity leave, employee rights, the relationship between success innovation and happiness, technology in management and other important factors that shape what work is today.

Happiness is a serious business | Nic Marks | TEDxDanubia

Does happiness precede success? In his talk from TEDxDanubia, Nic Marks discusses what happens when this ideology is brought into the working world and how it makes for more collaborative innovations and higher productivity.

Improving the ROI of Midcareer Female Professionals | Heidi Brown | TEDxOakParkWomen

Entrepreneur Heidi Brown explains the high cost society pays due to highly educated, mid-career women leaving the workforce. In her talk, Brown deals with the issues of maternity leave and inflexible scheduling in the workplace. She proposes innovative solutions so that employment can work for its employees, rather than the other way around.

The Future of Finding Work | Rawn Shah | TEDxBedminster

We are no longer expected to have one career that is married to our identity. In his talk from TEDxBedminster, Rawn Shah says specialization can be limiting and that the fragmentation of our careers suits us much better.

A Message for Women: Taking Back Your Pregnancy Rights | Renee Coover | TEDxOakParkWomen

Attorney Renee Coover has a practice in employment law. At TEDxOakParkWomen, she discusses the rising issue of pregnancy discrimination within the workforce. Her talk challenges the biases that cause this and addresses the question of how to progress maternity leave policies.

How Technology Eats Bureaucracy | Leerom Segal & Jay Goldman | TEDxDanubia

Leroy Segal and Jay Goldman, authors of The Decoded Company: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers, discuss the need for a shift in management technology. In their perspectiv- shifting talk, the pair provide ways to use technology as a coach to improve performance, customization, and data analysis.

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