6 TEDx talks on getting rid of stuff

Photo by on jamelah e. on Flickr

Photo by jamelah e. on Flickr

Do you have too much stuff? Watch these talks for some motivation to get rid of what you don’t need:

Writer Angela Horn advocates for getting rid of excess. At TEDxCapeTown, she shares why she decided to downsize and how it changed her life.

Fashion expert Jennifer L. Scott thinks you only need ten pieces of clothing in your closet. At TEDxStGeorge, she says that living with fewer clothes can not only clear your closet,  but also improve your style.

Bea Johnson and her family generate a quart-size jar of waste per year. At TEDxFoggyBottom, she explains the clever ways she reuses, refuses, recycles, shops and saves — from refilling wine bottles at a winery to creating her own toiletries.

At TEDxBESC, writer Hardik Nagar asks, “What does minimalism mean in India?” and shares how the philosophy has affected his own life.

In 2014, author Elizabeth Dulemba and her husband sold and gave away almost everything they owned and moved from the U.S. to Scotland. At TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh, she shares how they came to that decision and what happened when they took the plunge.

At TEDxBoulder, Director of B Lab Colorado Kim Coupounas shares a bit of history about consumerism and explains how backpacking trips inspired her to cut down on consumption.

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