Three TEDx Talks for the weekend: Hip hop, ant carpets, and Grindr advocacy

Hiding from the cold this weekend? Escape the autumn chill (or the election news) with these three talks from Chicago to Sydney:

Hip Hop and Theatre: A Potential Symbiosis | Kori Alston | TEDxNorthwesternU

“Theatre, as we know it now, is dying.” So what do we do? Theatre major Kori Alston believes the answer is simple — give kids in overlooked neighborhoods the proper resources to access their theatrical impulses: “When theatre is made accessible to young black and brown children, new exciting work is born. Theatre that is fast-paced and entertaining and talking about the things that we care about.”

How Invasive Ants Dominate Ecosystems | Dr Kirsti Abbott | TEDxSydneySalon 

Ant researcher Kirsti Abbott says that everyone has an ant story — it’s just normally not a positive one. For three years, Abbott lived in the rainforests of Christmas Island, wading through the carpets of invasive yellow crazy ants that dominated the landscape. On the island, Abbott investigated the astounding capabilities of these powerful supercolonies and the connections they have to the world around them.

Putting the ‘Human’ Back in H.I.V. | Arik Hartmann | TEDxVermilionStreet 

If we’ve made such progress in treating HIV/AIDS, why haven’t our perceptions of the disease changed? After sharing that he is HIV positive with his college roommates, Hartmann was stunned by the aversion he faced from his friends. Since then, he has become an advocate for HIV transparency, specifically in the gay community. In his talk from TEDxVermilionStreet, Hartmann relays his revelations after a Grindr advocacy experiment and encourages those living with HIV to share their stories to dispel misunderstanding and a damaging stigma.

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