Go vote! Talks on the power of voting

Voting sign (Photo: justgrime/Flickr)

Voting sign (Photo: justgrimes/Flickr)

Election Day for Americans is this coming Tuesday, November 8. Below, great TED-Ed and TEDx Talks to watch before you go out and make your voice heard.

The fight for the right to vote in the United States

In 1789, when George Washington became the first president of the United States, only 6% of the population was allowed to vote. In this TED-Ed lesson, educator Nicki Beaman Griffin shares how voting rights have evolved since that first election.

How to prepare for every vote on a ballot

When you get to the voting booth to vote for president of the U.S., you don’t just vote for the president; each ballot features a lot of candidates running for a lot of offices. In Cook County, Illinois, where Alex Niemczewski lives 30% of voters fail to complete their ballot. At TEDxGrantPark, Niemczewski explains how she created BallotReady, a web platform designed to help voters prepare to vote for the candidate of their choice on every item on their ballot.

Show up at the ballot box; transform politics

Dr. Mindy Romero is the founder and director of the California Civic Engagement Project at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change. At TEDxUCDavis, she looks at how “severe underrepresentation” of young people at the ballot box affects campaign politics at the local — and national — level.

“I love the fact that every morning when I wake up, I know that I can vote for my leaders.”

In this spirited talk at TEDxYouth@LakeVilla, high school senior Misha Bogdanov urges his fellow U.S. citizens — especially those his age — to vote and make their voices heard.

What happens after a U.S. citizen votes?

In this TED-Ed lesson, Dr. Christina Greer explains how an individual vote contributes to the popular vote and a state’s electoral vote in different ways — and what happens after that.

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