TEDxSpotlights takes a look at critical health issues from 2016 — and how to tackle them in 2017

How do we protect populations from the Zika virus? Protect the mental health of Syrian parents raising children in war zones and refugee camps? Clean air that makes breathing a health hazard?

For our latest TEDxSpotlights series — TEDxSpotlights>Critical Issues¬† — we bring you talks that offer novel solutions to some of the most pressing issues of 2016; ideas that bring hope for solving these issues in the new year and years to come.

Watch the talks below:

From Bombs to Bread | Aala El-Khani | TEDxManchester

Parenting isn’t easy — but it’s even harder when you’re displaced by conflict or living in a war zone. At TEDxManchester, psychologist Dr. Aala El-Khani shares why parents and children in these situations need extra help — and shares strategies she and her team developed to give psychological care in the midst of conflict, displacement and distress.

Global Pandemic – Air Pollution | Romain Lacombe | TEDxAthens

In 2012, there were around 7 million deaths globally due to air pollution exposure, the World Health Organization reports. Yet, even now — in 2016 — the problem of air pollution is little discussed, says environmental researcher Romain Lacombe, even when breathing has become a public health hazard. At TEDxAthens, Lacombe proposes using cities as platforms for new innovations in policy making to solve the air pollution crisis.

The biological solution for stopping the spread of Zika virus | Nina Fedoroff | TEDxMidAtlantic

Molecular biologist Nina Fedoroff thinks the most effective way to wipe out Zika is using biological controls. At TEDxMidAtlantic, Fedoroff pushes for a change in attitudes towards releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in the U.S. — a method proven to be more effective than insecticides to eradicate the virus.

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