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5 ways to get involved with TED-Ed Clubs as a TEDx organizer

Working with TED-Ed Clubs is a great way to expand the reach of your TEDx event. All over the world, innovative educators and students are hosting TED-Ed Clubs in schools — an initiative that trains young people in how to [...]

In Vancouver, TEDxEastVan serves up ideas with a side of whimsy

How do you make a brand new TEDx event stand out? For their very first event, the team at TEDxEastVan in East Vancouver, Canada looked to the unique voices within their city. Here’s 5 standout moments from TEDxEastVan: 1. A [...]

In Denver, a city field trip via Instagram

This month, the team at TEDxMileHigh hosted a day dedicated to capturing the essence of Denver in 612 by 612 pixels. This was their very first InstaMeet, a gathering dedicated to Instagram photography. At the meet-up, the #TEDxMileHighInstaMeet, a group [...]

In Bangalore, TEDxBMSIT has fun with the theme “Hide and Seek”

For their very first event, the team at TEDxBMSIT wanted to make a splash: They recruited seven speakers and performers to speak on everything from traditional Indian crafts to ten-minute plays and put together a thought-provoking event around the theme, [...]

A digital graffiti wall, recyclable tents, pub quiz and more at TEDxDelft

At this year’s TEDxDelft, held at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, the focus was on big ideas and engaging activities. The team transformed an academic building into a mutli-level event experience — with exhibits and activities culled [...]

A cycling tour through historic Cyprus for TEDxNicosia

As part of The Netherlands’s Council of the European Union presidency, the Dutch government is making an effort to promote cycling throughout Europe. This has led to the creation of the Cycling Festival Europe 2016, a two-month-long celebration of cycling [...]

A city guide by a TEDx team … on Foursquare

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? TEDxThessaloniki in Greece uses them all. But where the event really shines is on Foursquare, says team member Dimitris Tzouris, as it has allowed TEDxThessaloniki to create a customized guide to their city — inspired by the ideas [...]