Category: Community Projects

A cycling tour through historic Cyprus for TEDxNicosia

As part of The Netherlands’s Council of the European Union presidency, the Dutch government is making an effort to promote cycling throughout Europe. This has led to the creation of the Cycling Festival Europe 2016, a two-month-long celebration of cycling [...]

TEDx on a bus: TEDxHyderabad hosts an event on the move

This month, the team at TEDxHyderabad hosted a TEDx salon that was far from average. Thirty-five Hyderabadians met bright and early on a Sunday morning to board an “X Bus” and prepare for a day’s journey of talk-watching, debate-having and [...]

TEDxVicenza leads locals on a treasure hunt to explore their city

On a sunny day in April, 30 teams of people made their way through the northeastern Italian city of Vicenza, searching for clues planted by the TEDxVicenza team. This was “Caccia al TEDxORO,” a treasure hunt dedicated to uncovering information [...]

TEDxSydney takes on a project to challenge and change typical views of disability

Last year, journalist and activist Stella Young took the stage at TEDxSydney to shake up typical views of disability: “I am here to tell you that we have been lied to about disability,” she said. “Yeah, we’ve been sold the [...]

How a TEDx organizer’s obsession with hacking led to a brand new programmable toy robot (and a bunch of hackathons for kids)

“You don’t have to know what a circuit is to make it work,” says seven-time TEDx organizer Carl Bärstad, “but if you can make it work, you take something and make something unexpected happen, that creates the motivation to continue [...]

Introducing the TEDxAthens Human Grid

In Athens, Greece, the team at TEDxAthens has collaborated to create the Human Grid — an interactive, online map tracking the people and organizations making waves in the Athenian community. Virtual push pins dot the map, visually mapping out the [...]

Explore thousands of live music performances at the TEDx Music Project

TEDx is known for talks, but you’d be missing out if you ignored the thousands of musical performances that have taken place on TEDx stages all over the world. From the simple elegance of a classical cello performance to the [...]