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Your standing desk is boring. Start working in a sculpture.

By now, it’s been widely reported that sitting all day at work is bad for you. Office workers are reacting to the news with tall tables, treadmills, bouncy balls and all sorts of other contraptions to stop their sitting habit. [...]

TEDxCannes serves a side of macarons, the Mediterranean and more

In an area famous for festivals, TEDxCannes manages to stand out — with its dedication to Côte d’Azur ideas worth spreading. For three years, the team behind the event has worked to make it special; this year is no different. [...]

5 GIFs of TEDxGroningen’s mesmerizing stage design

We can’t stop watching this mini-documentary on TEDxGroningen’s stunning 2016 stage design. Visual design collective WERC worked with the event team to pull off a mesmerizing, mobile stage design customized for each individual talk. The morphing graphics were powered by [...]

Gorgeous photos from around the TEDx world

TEDxPhoenix, Phoenix, Arizona, USA Take a look around the TEDx world at some of the incredible moments that have taken place. We have a lot of great photographs to share from events that took place both recently and a bit [...]

In Bangalore, TEDxBMSIT has fun with the theme “Hide and Seek”

For their very first event, the team at TEDxBMSIT wanted to make a splash: They recruited seven speakers and performers to speak on everything from traditional Indian crafts to ten-minute plays and put together a thought-provoking event around the theme, [...]

7 TEDx GIFs from around the world we can’t stop watching

TEDx teams are fun, clever, and very fond of design. Below, we’ve handpicked some wildly cool animations from TEDx events around the world to get your creative juices flowing: TEDxLaçador — Porto Alegre, Brazil TEDxLaçador made custom GIFs to announce [...]

Design Spotlight: TEDxOporto creates custom Facebook photos for volunteers and attendees

As part of their 2016 design strategy, the team at TEDxOporto in Porto, Portugal has made an effort to “TEDxOportify” the community’s social media profiles. The team created a custom template that incorporates the TEDxOporto artwork to allow anyone involved [...]