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Why we should protect out-of-the-ordinary fruits and veggies

Esther Meduna’s TEDxBasel talk is an ode to the purple carrots, striped beets, wild cabbages, rare beans and raspberry apples of the world. The botanist is dedicated to protecting plants that no longer dominate fields, orchards or supermarket shelves — [...]

The food of TEDx: 2015 edition

TEDx’ers love to go all out on refreshments. After all, one does need energy to take in a full day of ideas worth spreading. Below, a few examples of stellar TEDx food this year: TEDxBlanquerna Where: Barcelona, Spain What: Custom [...]

5 chefs, 700 people and a plan to transform a city through food

Where does the food served in the some of the most famous restaurants in Christchurch, New Zealand come from? Why does eating healthfully matter? Why care about the origins of your burger, salad, pizza? Why grow your own food? These [...]

Get out of the theater: 3 great ways TEDx teams are using the outdoors

At TEDx events around the globe, teams are finding great ways to get people out of their seats and into the outdoors. Below, three of our favorite outdoor innovations — from picnicking with handmade blankets to chilling out on outdoor [...]

Why a TEDx event in Belgium served larvae at lunch

Would you eat bugs? Crickets? Worm larvae? TEDxFlanders bets you might. Just a few months before their 2014 event, TEDxFlanders’s home country of Belgium became the first nation in the European Union to legalize the consumption of insects. To start [...]

5 chefs, 5 flavors, 5 colors, 1 lunch at TEDxAustin

For the lunch break at their 2013 event, the team at TEDxAustin wanted to create an experience that allowed audience members to interact with one of the ideas shared on the event stage. That is why they invited chef and [...]

Eat better: 5 ways to make a food break great

Eat family style At TEDxSydney 2014, food curator Jill Dupleix wanted to make sure that not only the day’s meal tasted great, but also that it assisted in the mission of ideas worth spreading. To do this, she arranged for [...]