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How to create a successful petition in 3 easy steps

We’ve all seen people sharing petitions online. But what is it that makes some petitions succeed, while others fail? At TEDxBrum, Kat Sladden, a senior campaigner at — the largest platform for creating petitions online — shares her tips [...]

Event Spotlight: Snapshots from TEDxLahore

This February, TEDxLahore held their fourth standard event, themed “Umeed-e-Sehar” — or — “Hope of a New Dawn.” Seven speakers covered everything from art to human rights to literature, sharing big ideas from within Pakistan and for the world. Below, [...]

A design factory, a documentary center and a Chopería: Where TEDx’ers are watching TED2016

Today is the first day of TED2016: Dream! Last week we brought you stories of where some of the nearly 300 TEDx communities are streaming TED live as part of TEDxLive, and today we bring you more. From a Chopería [...]

5 tips for creating a great volunteer culture at your TEDx event

Julie Peterson Klein is TEDxFargo’s Chief Culture Officer. For TEDxFargo 2015, Klein organized a comprehensive program for over 200 TEDxFargo volunteers, making sure that before the event they could meet, get comfortable with one another and learn the ropes of [...]

In case you missed it: 5 TEDx stories you should check out

2015 has ended, but TEDx stories live on. Here are five stories from this year we think you should check out, in case you missed them while you were planning your event: 1. A TEDx organizer’s big plan to reshape [...]

Start 2016 off right: 5 resources for crafting great TEDx event design

In 2015, TEDx teams around the world put on thousands of showstopping events, events that highlighted the creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness and energy of their hometowns and cities as well as the global TEDx community. There were mind-changing talks, intriguing discussion, [...]

7 things learned from a day at TEDxCERN 2015

This month, 600 people sat 100 meters above a 14,000-ton underground particle detector in Cessy, France, to watch talks (and performances) investigating the most pressing issues in science today. This was TEDxCERN, the third annual TEDx event from the world’s [...]