Category: Social spaces

An atlas of civic engagement guides a TEDx event to new ideas

Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas (Nursery of Citizen Initiatives) maps citizen action. Based in Madrid, the collective is dedicated to tracking all that “builds a more inclusive, ethical, sustainable, participative and livable city.” When seeking out ideas to share at their [...]

TEDxWellington has surprise venue, surprise speakers and 10 really cute kittens for 2016 event

If you were one of the nearly 200 people who got a ticket to TEDxWellington this year, you didn’t exactly know where the event was going to be held. You knew that it would be in Wellington and that it [...]

At TEDxTaipei, a three-part Idea Space

For their 2013 event, the team at TEDxTaipei took great care to craft interactive social spaces that encouraged attendees to think, explore and relax. Known collectively as the TEDxTaipei Idea Space, the areas outside of the main theater allowed for [...]

Artwork to dream on at TEDxFultonStreet

At TEDxFultonStreet in New York City, long, white, plushy mats lined the lobby of the theater, emblazoned with the invitation to “Dream on Me.”  This was the work of conceptual artist Xavier Roux, who aimed to create a project that [...]

The anatomy of a mural at TEDxRVA

In Richmond, Virginia, the TEDxRVA team wanted to do something special to celebrate the event’s theme — Create. So, they worked with local muralist Ed Trask and local shop Release the Hounds to create a massive chalk mural inspired by [...]

A robot at TEDxNavesink lets attendees test their surgical skills

At TEDxNavesink in Lincroft, New Jersey, attendees had the chance to operate … via robot. Local medical center Monmouth Medical brought Leonardo, a surgical robot that helps surgeons to make surgical procedures less invasive and more precise than if they [...]

At a TEDx event in Paris, attendees share the words they love

The theme of the 2013 edition of TEDxVaugirardRoad in Paris was “Les mots pour le dire,” or in English, “The words to say it.” “‘The words to say it’ is a pretty common phrase in French,” said organizer Stéphane Roger. [...]