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Can small birds keep up with climate change?

Janne Ouwehand studies a powerful bird lighter than three sugar cubes. The tiny pied flycatcher migrates from West Africa to Europe to breed in spring, flying more than 5,000 kilometers in about two weeks. Their mission? To reach Europe in [...]

Better ways to assemble machines in space

The words “off-world manufacturing” rarely, if ever, enter our daily vocabulary. That’s not the case for Dr. Robert Hoyt, a physicist and engineer working on making space travel cheaper and more efficient. One of his latest projects — the Spider [...]

How making whimsical machines can jumpstart STEM education

Engineer Nadya Peek’s life’s work is to make it easier for students to make machines that make things. As a member of the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, she develops fun and off-the-wall ways to create tools for manufacturing. [...]

How to save pollinators? Let public land go to the (wild) bees

If you love blueberries or cherries, you ought to give thanks to the bee, says landscape designer Danielle Bilot. But not just the yellow honey bee — you should also raise a toast to the 4,000 different native bee species [...]

How to manage (and love) a forest

Sometimes you have to cut down trees to save a forest. That is what Takeshi Maeda, a passionate conversationalist and woodcutter does. Most days, you can find Maeda in Tenryu Birin (“beautiful forest”), a man-made cedar and cypress forest established by [...]

Tales from a butterfly park in the Western Ghats

In the midst of the Western Ghats mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, conservationist Sammilan Shetty is working to protect the over 300 butterfly species that call the area home. “In recent years, we have seen a drastic decline [...]

A dog orchestra, coding and STEM

Every year, Dr. Mary Anne Moser puts together a delightful smash-up of science and art in Calgary, Canada — Beakerhead. “Delight is reason enough to do things,” she says at TEDxCalgary.” It starts conversations; it starts relationships; it starts companies.” [...]