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Looking for new ways to detect disease … via blood, sweat and tears

Dr. Patricia Maguire is determined to know how a family of tiny bubbles released by our cells could help doctors diagnose and track diseases. These tiny, tiny sacs — called extracellular vesicles (EV) — carry powerful information about our biology, Maguire says [...]

A friendship formed through TEDx — from Taiwan to Syria

In March 2015, twenty-five students at Yarmouk Private University (YPU) in Damascus, Syria organized TEDxYPU, an event designed to bring a sense of hope and community to a city in the midst of civil war. The organizers of the event [...]

TEDxSpotlights takes a look at how design can help global health

Some of the world’s most pressing issues are related to quotidian routines in life a lot of us take for granted. For many people around the world, lack of access to basic medical laboratory testing, missing education about normal body [...]

A recipe for a happy school

Lelio Spiteri is the principal of the Gozo College Rabat Primary School, the largest primary school on the island of Gozo. As the principal of Rabat Primary, Spiteri is determined to make learning fun, he says at TEDxUniversityofMalta, unlike the [...]

Talks from kids that will make you hopeful for the future

Young people are doing amazing stuff right now — from fighting bullying to working to halt climate change. We’ve collected some of our favorite recent talks from kids to get you hopeful for the future. Watch them all below: Jacob Smlig used [...]

The power of a robot with a face

A single quality — whether or not a robot has a face  — transforms how we interact with machines, says roboticist Tony Belpaeme at TEDxPlymouthUniversity. “We humans are a social species,” he says, and he is dedicated to creating machines [...]

TEDxSpotlights tackles global nutrition

If we are what we eat, what does this say about our global community when many of our neighbors have nothing to eat? Our population continues to expand; so, too, does the community of people who are hungry or malnourished. [...]