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Spotlight TEDx Talk: A mission to launch African nanosatellites

Right now, a satellite only 10 cm wide and 10 cm tall circles our planet around 15 times a day, in flight thanks to a group of students at the French South African Institute of Technology in Cape Town. The [...]

Snapshots from a TEDx event — TEDxTrondheim throws a TED party

TEDxTrondheim’s livestream of TED2016 was booked up 30 minutes after being announced. The Norwegian event held a broadcast of Session 2 and Session 4 of TED at Work-Work, a new hackerspace in Trondheim that boasts co-working space, offices, a nano-brewery, [...]

Live from TED2016: Photos from TEDxLive events around the globe

Last week, nearly 300 TEDx communities streamed TED2016: Dream live to their cities and towns; theaters and coworking spaces; cafés and libraries. Below, some photo highlights from these events — from a warehouse space in Shanghai to a library in [...]

Innovations, new ideas and big dreams: The TEDx Workshop at TED2016

What happens when you get a lot of TEDx’ers together? A lot of big dreams and innovative ideas. Which is what happened this week at TED2016: Dream, when organizers from Athens, Hyderabad, Moscow, Reset, Singapore and many, many more places [...]

Tomorrow at TED2016: The first TED session guest curated by a TEDx organizer

When TEDxRiodelaPlata organizer Gerry Garbulsky found out he was going to guest curate a session of TED, he knew exactly where he’d go to find the next big ideas — in the massive library of talks curated by his fellow [...]

Ideas worth spreading in India: Announcing the TEDx Anchor Program

Today at TED2016, the TEDx program has launched a brand new initiative to incubate great ideas outside the United States — the TEDx Anchor Program. For its pilot launch, the TEDx Anchor Program has partnered with Infosys to incubate 14 [...]

A design factory, a documentary center and a Chopería: Where TEDx’ers are watching TED2016

Today is the first day of TED2016: Dream! Last week we brought you stories of where some of the nearly 300 TEDx communities are streaming TED live as part of TEDxLive, and today we bring you more. From a Chopería [...]