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An atlas of civic engagement guides a TEDx event to new ideas

Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas (Nursery of Citizen Initiatives) maps citizen action. Based in Madrid, the collective is dedicated to tracking all that “builds a more inclusive, ethical, sustainable, participative and livable city.” When seeking out ideas to share at their [...]

TEDx on a bus: TEDxHyderabad hosts an event on the move

This month, the team at TEDxHyderabad hosted a TEDx salon that was far from average. Thirty-five Hyderabadians met bright and early on a Sunday morning to board an “X Bus” and prepare for a day’s journey of talk-watching, debate-having and [...]

TEDxWellington has surprise venue, surprise speakers and 10 really cute kittens for 2016 event

If you were one of the nearly 200 people who got a ticket to TEDxWellington this year, you didn’t exactly know where the event was going to be held. You knew that it would be in Wellington and that it [...]

Movie theaters, late-night parties and after-work get-togethers: how TEDx communities are watching TED2016

TED2016: Dream starts Monday! And on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week, over 250 TEDx communities will be watching sessions of the event live — in schools, libraries, cinemas and other community hubs. These are TEDxLive events — special [...]

A look at three Northern Italian TEDx events, all dedicated to innovation and tradition, each with their own flair

At the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Italy, the stage’s backdrop gives the illusion that you’re peering through the alleyways of an ancient city. Designed by Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio in the 16th century, the building was inaugurated with a performance [...]

Cooking lessons at a TEDx event and 4 other experimental TEDx experiences

About eight TEDx events are held each day across the globe — gathering big thinkers to discuss ideas percolating in their communities and the world at large. Like each team that organizes an event, every TEDx event is different from [...]

10 tips for greening your TEDx event

Want to have an event with a small carbon footprint? Consider these 10 tips culled from TEDx events all over the world for advice on how to make your event a green success: 1. Encourage cycling, walking, using public transport [...]