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In Brazil, young photographers capture the spirit of TEDx

Imaginário Coletivo, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children and teenagers living in impoverished areas of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, through the art of photography, is the brainchild of Jorge Quintão. In 2012, Quintão was introduced to Natália Menhem, [...]

For TEDxPeachtree, the city of Atlanta is overrun with hidden cats

“Catlanta” is an Atlanta-based artist who creates boldly embellished, aesthetically wild cat-inspired art and hides it around the city. And if you were to have wandered through a certain handful of Atlanta neighborhoods recently, you might have been one of the [...]

At a TEDx event in Paris, attendees share the words they love

The theme of the 2013 edition of TEDxVaugirardRoad in Paris was “Les mots pour le dire,” or in English, “The words to say it.” “‘The words to say it’ is a pretty common phrase in French,” said organizer Stéphane Roger. [...]

How to make a poetry wall at your TEDx event

  At a TEDx event, audience members come face-to-face with a litany of big ideas, often coming one after another in rapid-fire succession. How, then, does a TEDx team give their audience space to process these new ideas in a [...]