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How to cultivate a happy volunteer team: Advice from veteran TEDx organizers

The key to a great TEDx event? Not just a great stage or great speakers, but great volunteers, making the entire event possible. We asked veteran TEDx organizers Dylan Wilks of TEDxVictoria, Reza Ghiabi of TEDxTehran, Samir Beshry of TEDxYouth@Alexandria and [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: What we know about early humans has changed … a lot

What we know about our evolutionary history has changed quite a bit over the years. As data is collected, the story grows and changes, says anthropologist Melanie Chang at TEDxVictoria, and since our early discoveries of now-extinct human species, our [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: Should we trust eyewitness testimony?

Elizabeth Brimacombe studies memory. Specifically, the malleability and persuadability of memory, and how someone’s perception of a memory can change under the influence of others. In a talk at TEDxVictoria, the researcher explores how social influence affects eyewitness testimony, from the [...]

As libraries become cultural hubs, TEDx events bring the community in

When architect Joshua Prince-Ramus redesigned the Seattle Central Library, he and his team didn’t try to pinpoint the future of libraries or books. Instead, they rooted their blueprints in two foundational ideas: books are a form of technology, and the [...]

5 tips from TEDxVictoria to transform teamwork from stressful to effortless

Putting together a TEDx event is a lot of work, but having a great team can make it seem effortless. TEDxVictoria organizer Dylan Wilks knows this well. Here, his five pieces of advice on building a team that makes planning [...]