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5 easy DIY projects to make your TEDx event stand out

Want to make your attendees’ experience unforgettable? Get your artistic juices flowing with these five projects, including creative tablecloths, interactive felt boards, and a booth for love letters: Paper + crayons A simple, but always fun project — cover any [...]

5 chefs, 5 flavors, 5 colors, 1 lunch at TEDxAustin

For the lunch break at their 2013 event, the team at TEDxAustin wanted to create an experience that allowed audience members to interact with one of the ideas shared on the event stage. That is why they invited chef and [...]

How to make a poetry wall at your TEDx event

  At a TEDx event, audience members come face-to-face with a litany of big ideas, often coming one after another in rapid-fire succession. How, then, does a TEDx team give their audience space to process these new ideas in a [...]