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Go back to school with 3 TEDx Talks from a teacher, parent and student

Around this time of year, your Facebook timeline might be flooded with photographs of students returning to school (it’s a safe bet the parents’ smiles overshadow those of their kids). To help ease the transition from vacation to homework, below [...]

Eat crickets, not added sugar: 3 TEDx talks that explore our relationship with food

Are you a junk food addict? July 21 is National Junk Food Day and to “celebrate” we have three TEDx talks that get to the heart of our relationship with food. They discuss the importance of knowing what the food [...]

May the Fourth be with You! It’s Star Wars day!

It’s May the Fourth; in other words, a sacred day for fans of Star Wars. Although the pun “May the Fourth” is credited to an ad that ran in the London Evening News back in 1979, this is a fairly [...]

Why Robert Waldinger went silent after his viral TEDxBeaconStreet talk

Once Robert Waldinger’s TEDxBeaconStreet talk “The Good Life” went viral and his email account started to get flooded with messages, he made an unusual decision: he spent three weeks at a silent meditation retreat. Although the retreat had already been [...]

Could we train bacteria to make themselves harmless?

Medical researcher Pratik Shah maps metabolites — the food sources our bodies provide to bacteria when we experience infection. “When you’re sick,” he says in a talk at TEDxBeaconStreet, “your body produces two different kinds of metabolites.” One kind fuels [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: Why won’t my 3D-printed horse stand up?

If you have a 3D printer, you can download instructions to make everything from model cars to lamp shades to musical instruments. But while many of these designs are aesthetically pleasing, says computer scientist Emily Whiting, many could benefit from [...]

Screens that correct your vision (glasses not required)

Gordon Wetzstein designs the next generation of device screens. At TEDxBeaconStreet, the former MIT Media Lab Research Scientist detailed how he and a team of researchers in the lab’s Camera Culture Group created reactive device screens that correct your vision [...]