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Gorgeous photos from around the TEDx world

TEDxPhoenix, Phoenix, Arizona, USA Take a look around the TEDx world at some of the incredible moments that have taken place. We have a lot of great photographs to share from events that took place both recently and a bit [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: The search for new treatments for mental illness in micronutrients

Clinical psychologist Julia Rucklidge researches a taboo subject — the use of micronutrients as treatment for mental illness. At TEDxChristchurch, she introduces several studies she and her team have conducted regarding the effect of micronutrients on those with Attention Deficit [...]

Get out of the theater: 3 great ways TEDx teams are using the outdoors

At TEDx events around the globe, teams are finding great ways to get people out of their seats and into the outdoors. Below, three of our favorite outdoor innovations — from picnicking with handmade blankets to chilling out on outdoor [...]