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Three TEDx Talks for the weekend: Hip hop, ant carpets, and Grindr advocacy

Hiding from the cold this weekend? Escape the autumn chill (or the election news) with these three talks from Chicago to Sydney: Hip Hop and Theatre: A Potential Symbiosis | Kori Alston | TEDxNorthwesternU “Theatre, as we know it now, is dying.” [...]

5 TEDx talks on coping with grief

Grief is an inevitable part of the human experience. It’s something we often avoid talking about, which, in turn, can make the grieving process a deeply disorienting experience. In light of the recent Orlando shootings, we are called to mourn [...]

How a TEDx organizer’s obsession with hacking led to a brand new programmable toy robot (and a bunch of hackathons for kids)

“You don’t have to know what a circuit is to make it work,” says seven-time TEDx organizer Carl Bärstad, “but if you can make it work, you take something and make something unexpected happen, that creates the motivation to continue [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: Meet the girl skateboarders of Afghanistan

If you were to drop in the Skateistan Skate Hall in Kabul, Afghanistan, it would not be rare to see groups of female skateboarders skating freely, dominating the half-pipes, quarter-pipes, and expansive wood floors. Though women and girls are forbidden from [...]

Eat better: 5 ways to make a food break great

Eat family style At TEDxSydney 2014, food curator Jill Dupleix wanted to make sure that not only the day’s meal tasted great, but also that it assisted in the mission of ideas worth spreading. To do this, she arranged for [...]

Design your social spaces: 5 quick and easy interactive exhibits

TEDx events are about more than what happens on a stage. A great TEDx event inspires invigorating conversations around ideas shared and issues facing the communities they represent. A great way to kickstart discussion is through the design of social [...]