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How we talk about powerful women

There is a gap in the way we portray powerful men and powerful women, says scholar Rachel Liddell at TEDxMiddlebury. From how we describe clothing (“When a man wears slacks and a blazer, it’s a suit … but if [a [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: How to sound smart

At TEDxNewYork, Will Stephen sounds smart saying nothing. It is virtuoso nonsense. The professional comedian has studied many, many presentations to figure out just what makes a speaker sound brilliant (hint: it has a lot to do with tone, gestures [...]

Finally done with the (blue and black) dress? A talk on why we see the world as it isn’t … with more illusions to mess with your mind

This has been a strange couple of days for the Internet. Yesterday, while some of us were still reeling over the great llama chase of 2015, others were arguing over the colors of a party dress. If you missed it, [...]

The bizarre business of tracking gorillas via their poop

A huge advancement in the study of elusive species? DNA testing the evidence they leave behind — whether that’s poop, saliva or blood snacked on by hungry mosquitoes — says primatologist Todd Disotell. The scientist has worked for years on [...]

Could we train bacteria to make themselves harmless?

Medical researcher Pratik Shah maps metabolites — the food sources our bodies provide to bacteria when we experience infection. “When you’re sick,” he says in a talk at TEDxBeaconStreet, “your body produces two different kinds of metabolites.” One kind fuels [...]

Why students need ethnic studies

Ron Espiritu grew up learning the history of people who didn’t look like him, as part of an educational curriculum that glossed over the stories of those who did. Growing up in Texas as part of a Mexican-American family, he [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: How virtual reality is helping soldiers recover from war

In Skip Rizzo’s lab at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies, soldiers use VR headsets to relive some of the most traumatic experiences of their lives. These headsets run a program called “Bravemind” — a simulation of [...]